Astrocade (Aug 1, 1994 prototype)

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Title Screen
Astrocade (Aug 1, 1994 prototype)
Build date Aug 01,1994
Build name Astrocade
Dump status Released
Dumped by VBT
Released by Segafreak NL
Origin CD-R
Lot Saturn DTS Toolkit disc
Game Astrocade
System Sega Saturn
Genre Puzzle
Release date Unreleased
Download Astrocade (Aug 1, 1994 prototype) (info)
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Technical demo written by SEGA of America as an internal example project to third party programmers.


The demo is a 3D pinball game with 4 levels. Released in 2011



Thanks to Edge' for kickstarting this release, Segafreak_NL and VBT for compiling it