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Vanishing Point · Press Disc
Dump status Released
Dumped by MOVGAMES
Released by MOVGAMES
File release date December 31, 2023
Origin CD-R
Lot Project Velocity
Labels 83
Game Vanishing Point
System PlayStation
Final build EU Dec 6, 2000
US Dec 4, 2000
Release date EU Mar 9, 2001
US Jan 3, 2001
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A press asset disc of Vanishing Point for the PlayStation and Dreamcast.


  • Australian origin
  • Press disc is dated March 6, 2001, which is 25 days before the European PlayStation release.
  • Contains the following assets:
    • A high resolution game logo in .jpg format
    • Pack shot renders for both releases of the game, in .jpg format
    • 30 vehicle renders in .tga format
    • 12 early screenshots from the PlayStation release in .bmp and .jpg formats; the .bmp screenshots are dated September 30, 1999
    • An early version of the game's intro in .mpg format, as well as stills of this intro in .jpg format
    • A document with an overview of the game's features and an estimated release date
    • Two zipped packages containing screenshots of the Dreamcast version dated August 2, 2000