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Conflict: Desert Storm · Assets Disc
Dump status Released
Dumped by Edness
Released by Edness
Origin CD-ROM
Labels Conflict: Desert Storm
For Promotional Use Only
Not for Resale
Assets Disc
Pivotal Games
SCi Games
Game Conflict: Desert Storm
System PlayStation 2
Release date EU Sep 13, 2002
US Sep 30, 2002
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A disc with artwork, screenshots and press information for Conflict: Desert Storm.


  • Professionally mastered CD-ROM with a case
  • Bundled with a PS2 Promo version of the game
  • The following directories may be inaccessible on Windows without the use of third party image browsers due to having a hidden blank file named "Icon?"
    • \logos\IllustratorEPS
    • \logos\PhotoshopPSD
    • \logos\PhotoshopPSD\ON BLACK
    • \logos\PhotoshopPSD\ON BLACK & WHITE
    • \logos\PhotoshopPSD\ON WHITE

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