Area 51 (Jul 23, 2004 prototype)

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Title Screen
Area 51 (Jul 23, 2004 prototype)
Build date Jul 23, 2004 20:17:31
Build name N/A
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date September 18, 2021
Origin DVD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels A51
Dump method Memorex MRX-650LE v6 AM61 (PowerISO)
Game Area 51
System Xbox
Genre First-Person Shooter, Survival Horror
Final build JP Unreleased
EU Apr 6, 2005
US Apr 6, 2005
Release date JP Unreleased
EU May 27, 2005
US Apr 25, 2005
Download Area 51 (Jul 23, 2004 prototype) (info)
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Download Area 51 (Jul 23, 2004 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Area 51 for the Xbox.


  • Compiled around 9 and a half months before the final US build.
  • This is a demo build that would later be included on OXM Demo Disc 37.
  • The game initially boots to a XBE launcher.
  • Missing all the opening FMVs and menus.
  • Different title screen.
  • Different HUD.
  • Different gameplay mechanics.
  • Different level design and layouts.
  • An unused level titled The Hot Zone can be accessed via hex editing. Open Files.000 in a hex editor and replace 01_LevelBlue_SL1-2 with 01_LevelBlue_SL1-1 at 0x2A4726B.
  • XBE information:
    • Internal Name: Area51
    • Maker ID and Product Number: MW-005
    • Executable Name: Area51.xbe
    • Executable checksum (MD5): d454313c2f8d4e80995aafbcafd28e83
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (Xemu) (as of September 12, 2021).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.




File Type Date Size SHA-1
Xbox - A51.bin File 2021-03-09 06:42:10 3.65 GB 207cf8b83e1cfacdd27c3cb5a4a5b68b6eeb968d
Xbox - A51.cue File 2021-03-09 06:42:10 76 bytes 2340fa6c13aa315dbacca8e338910a9a3f788d38
Xbox - A51.jpeg File 2021-04-09 22:12:38 3.45 MB 068a1fbe8c1b3ba280eada0ad1176d9cd1f70a71


A huge thanks to ehw for researching this prototype! And a huge thanks to the anonymous donor that allowed for this release to happen!

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