8 in 1 (Nov 16, 1992 prototype)

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Title Screen
8 in 1 (Nov 16, 1992 prototype)
Dump status Released
Origin Loose EPROM
EPROMs 1x Texas Instruments TMS27C512-2JL
Labels 8 in 1 (B) 2:02PM 1-16-92
Game 8 in 1
System Atari 2600
Genre Compilation
Release date Unreleased
Download 8 in 1 (Nov 16, 1992 prototype) (info)
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A unreleased compilation created as a follow up to the 32 in 1.


  • Earliest known dump is dated June 8, 2004.
  • Contains the games Yars Revenge, Centipede, SwordQuest: Earthworld, SwordQuest Fireworld, BattleZone, Asteroids, RealSports Tennis, and RealSports Soccer.
  • BattleZone is not functional and RealSports Soccer is reported to have issues as well.
    • The EPROM master for Centipede was said to have been bad as well, these issues combined with the cartridge being way behind schedule in Jack Tramiel's Atari likely resulted in its cancellation
  • Missile Command and RealSports Volleyball were also in consideration, likely as replacements for the above, but may have also been intended to replace the incredibly obtuse SwordQuest games.


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