4 in 1 (Feb 19, 1987 prototype)

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Title Screen
4 in 1 (Feb 19, 1987 prototype)
Build date Feb 19, 1987
Dump status Released
Origin Loose EPROM
EPROMs 1x AMD AM2764-3DC
Labels 4-In-1 C022137 2600 NTSC 2/19/87 E2F2
Game 4 in 1
System Atari 2600
Genre Various
Release date Unreleased
Download 4 in 1 (Feb 19, 1987 prototype) (info)
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A unreleased compilation meant for the relaunch of the Atari 2600.


  • Contains the games Home Run, Night Driver, Canyon Bomber and Sky Diver.
  • Earliest known dump is dated June 8, 2004.
  • To switch to another game, the console's power switch must be toggled off and then on again.
  • This was meant to be a cheap pack in title for the relaunch of the 2600 in Europe, but despite being fully completed it seems it was simply passed over for a larger compilation.


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