3DO M2 Shooter Demo

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3DO M2 Shooter Demo
Dump status Released
Dumped by WindowsKiller
Released by WindowsKiller
Origin CD-R
Game 3DO M2 Shooter Demo
System Panasonic M2
Genre Tech Demo
Download 3DO M2 Shooter Demo (info)
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A small tech demo demonstrated some of the capabilities of the unreleased 3DO M2.


  • Alex Werner started working on it as demo code to show off how to do tricky 2D things (in particular, the way the scrolling clouds over the scrolling landscape worked; also the way it drew only every other scan line every frame, because of interlaced TVs). A few artists, particularly David Lauck, made sample art for it of simple spaceships and stuff, and (most trickily) the repeating background and cloud art.
  • Then IMSA was nearing completion, they decided to stick it in as an easter egg, and they replaced the spaceship art with car art. Also note the big bouncy balls, which all have photos of IMSA team members.
  • The game has been successfully tested on a revision G dev card as well as on an FZ-35S Interactive Media Player. In order to play it on a dev card, you need to turn the card into retail mode and use either hardware CD emulation (software CD emulation won't work in retail mode) or the external CD-ROM drive box (FZ-DR21) to boot the game disc. To be on the safe side, your dev card should have 16 megs

of memory. With only 8 megs, the game may run out of memory while loading.

  • On a revision G dev card, the screen will flicker badly. This is caused by a bug in the video output of the BDA 2.0 chip and can not be fixed. Revision G+ and H cards are using BDA 2.1 and are not affected by this bug.


We like to dedicate this release to all the people who worked on 3DO M2 hardware and software, The 3DO Company & Studio 3DO, and who had hoped that the M2 would hit the market and be a success. Also to McGill, the company that finally made some good use of the M2 hardware, even if not for games.

-- Games That Weren't 3DO/M2 http://gtw3do.retro-net.de