1992 Winter CES

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The 1992 Winter Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened in Jaunary 1992 in Las Vegas.


Nintendo announced they were creating a CD ROM drive for the Super NES[1]. This never came out.

The Super Scope was on display at the event.[1]


Game Name Company Displayed Notes Reference
Darkwing Duck Capcom [1]
Lemmings Sunsoft [1]
Might & Magic American Sammy [1]
Dragon Strike FCI [1]
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Jaleco no Announced, but title not given [1]
Turrican II Accolade A version of the Turrican series was released as Super Turrican [1]

Super NES

Game Name Company Displayed Notes Reference
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Nintendo [1]
Super Scope 6 Nintendo [1]
Super Play Action Football Nintendo [1]
Street Fighter II Capcom [1]
Contra III: The Alien Wars Konami/Ultra Used the working title "Contra III: The Alien Invasion" [1]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time Konami/Ultra [1]
Batman Returns Konami/Ultra Used the working title "Batman: The Return" [1]
Bart's Nightmare Acclaim/LJN [1]
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge Acclaim/LJN Used the working title "Spiderman and the Uncanny X-Men" [1]
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally Sunsoft Simply called Death Valley Rally at the event [1]
Tazmania Sunsoft [1]
Superman Sunsoft unreleased [1]
Batman: Return of the Joker Sunsoft unreleased [1]
Blaster Master 2 Sunsoft may not have been actually planned for the Super NES[2] [1]
Ultrabots Data East unreleased [1]
David Crane's Amazing Tennis Absolute [1]
Might & Magic II American Sammy unreleased in North America [1]
Ultima VI: The False Prophet FCI [1]
The Hunt for Red October Hi Tech Expressions [1]
Super Battletoads Tradewest/ Rare [1]
Wing Commander Software Toolworks [1]
SimEarth Maxis [1]
Railroad Tycoon Microprose no unreleased; Announced at the show, but the SNES version was not on display [1]
Turrican II Accolade unreleased, was to be released as Universal Soldier, but obviously shown in its original form [1]
The Duel: Test Drive II Accolade [1]
NCAA Baskeball HAL final version published by Nintendo [1]
Bulls Vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Electronic Arts unreleased [1]
Radio Flyer Ocean unreleased [1]
Joe Vs. The Wall Ocean unreleased [1]
Push Over Ocean [1]
Wings 2: Aces High Namco listed as "Wings", but likely refers to Wings 2 [1]
Nosferatu Seta [1]
F1-ROC Seta [1]
Out of This World Interplay [1]
Family Dog Interplay [1]

Game Boy

Game Name Company Displayed Notes Reference
Universal Soldier Accolade Used original title "Turrican II" at the event. [1]


Game Name Company Displayed Notes Reference
Michael Jordan in Flight Electronic Arts Displayed at the event as Michael Jordan's Flight Simulator [1]
7th Guest Virgin Games Simply titled "Guest" at the event [1]

Unknown System

Game Name Company Displayed Notes Reference
Super Faceball Bullet Proof Software [1]