TimeSplitters 4 (Nov 7, 2008 prototype)

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TimeSplitters 4 (Nov 7, 2008 prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Lukeye (Flimsy-Zebra3775)
Released by Free Radical Archive
File dump date March 5, 2024
File release date March 5, 2024
Game TimeSplitters 4
System PlayStation 3
Genre First-person shooter
Release date Unreleased
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Download TimeSplitters 4 (Nov 7, 2008 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of the unreleased TimeSplitters 4 for the PlayStation 3.


  • Crashes while playing on RPCS3 (as of March 6, 2024).
  • Comes with one map. Loads immediately into it upon launch. Quitting takes you to a modified TimeSplitters: Future Perfect menu.
  • Circle + dpad up adds bots to the map
  • Circle + dpad left toggles invincibility
  • Circle + dpad right toggles vsync
  • X + dpad left is suicide
  • X + dpad right shows the pitch message. X + dpad down shows less information, X + dpad up shows more information.
  • M on keyboard shows performance metrics.
  • V on keyboard toggles vsync