Rampart (sample)

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Title Screen
Rampart (sample)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Skrybe
Released by Skrybe
File release date March 16, 2019
Origin Cartridge
Dump method CopyNES
Ownership Skrybe (2/2019 - present)
Game Rampart
System NES
Download Rampart (sample) (info)


  • Selecting the Normal or Hard scenarios displays a message announcing an anticipated November release date, and then returns the player to the scenario select screen. Attempting to use one of the retail version's passwords for those scenarios doesn't work.
  • The cartridge is labeled "RC862", which matches Konami's contemporary serial number system, but the retail version of Rampart was given the ID "KDS-73". No released Konami game received the ID "RC-862".


Rampart (sample) message.png