Heavy Shreddin' (prototype)

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Title Screen
Heavy Shreddin' (prototype)
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Dustin Johnson
File release date July 3, 2022
Origin EPROM Cartridge
Labels Near Release But Different Label
Dump method Sanni Open Source Dumper
Game Heavy Shreddin'
System NES
Genre Sports
Release date 1990
Download Heavy Shreddin' (prototype) (info)
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The Cutting Room Floor research

I have been posting in the AtariAge Prototype Forums with the complete history with final results just posted. Link is https://atariage.com/forums/topic/330863-heavy-shreddin-possible-prototype-found/?tab=comments#comment-4999102

Here is what I just posted if you don’t want to go to the forum:

I got a new ROM dumper (sanni) and have been putting it through it's paces. After multiple failed attempts, I was able to dump the Heavy Shreddin' PRG, CHR and RAM bin files out of the cart. I was unsuccessful until I manually added 8k of WRAM (Despite the NesCartDB saying there isn't any, another possible difference in this prototype/beta cart?). Attached are all of the files dumped from the Sani for the community to review. It includes the original CART.bin, the CART.bin with added header from the NES header DB, a copy of the CART.bin with header with the .nes extension for other emulators/flash carts, the PRG.bin, the CHR.bin and the RAM.bin.

When I successfully dumped a working ROM, I then played for about 10 minutes for the Prototype/Beta vs the Retail ROM I already have and there were differences right off the bat. There is no licensee Parker brothers intro screen. First event has no time limit, 1st event has slalom Gates where I did not see any in the retail ROM. I stopped there as I am very unfamiliar with this game so I don't want to talk out of my limited knowledge of this.

sirlynxalot on the forum suggested I Upload this to Hidden Palace



4C 33 83 48 8A 48 98 48 E6 25 AD 02 20 0A 85 22