Double Dragon II: The Revenge (sample)

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Title Screen
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (sample)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Tootai
Released by Skrybe
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels HVC-TK23EPROM-01 1989
Files Double Dragon II - The Revenge (J) (Prototype).zip
Ownership Tootai
Game Double Dragon II: The Revenge
System NES
Genre Action/Beat-em-up
Release date JP Dec 22, 1989
EU 1990
US January 1990
Download Double Dragon II: The Revenge (sample) (info)
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A sample cart for Double Dragon II: The Revenger for Famicom. Unlike most prototypes, it was housed inside a Famicom Disk System RAM adaptor.

The Cutting Room Floor research


  • Some debug cheats are enabled. In game hold Select on the first controller then press the following buttons on controller one: A to skip current level, B kill all curent enemies and advance to next point, Up or Down to kill one nearest enemy at front or back side.
  • The “HVC-TK22EPROM-01” on inner board matches outer label; there are TECHNOS JAPAN labeled program & character EPROMS.
  • The title screen shows “Sample Version / 1989 Technos Japan Corp.”
  • There are infinite lives. The counter goes down like normal but when it reaches 0 the game won't end after dying.
  • The screen after the start screen says “Double Dragon” without the “II”.
  • The helicopter doesn’t shoot at you (Easy) (unconfirmed).
  • The fortress tank doesn’t vent steam at you (unconfirmed).
  • Antagonists become progressively tougher (unconfirmed).
  • There are no disappearing platforms or falling fire on “Easy,” likewise with “Medium” (unconfirmed).
  • “Difficult” has fast disappearing platforms (unconfirmed).
  • The wheels move faster on “Difficult than “Medium” (unconfirmed).
  • No spikes fly up in the wheel room on “Easy” (unconfirmed).



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