Deja Vu (May 8, 1990 prototype)

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Title Screen
Deja Vu (May 8, 1990 prototype)
Build date May 8, 1990
Dump status Released
Released by Forest of Illusion
File release date July 2, 2022
Origin Development cartridge
Label HVC-TK22EPROM-01 2364
DeJa Vu
Game Deja Vu
System NES
Genre Point and click
Release date JP Nov 22, 1988
US Dec 1990
EU Sep 24, 1992
Download Deja Vu (May 8, 1990 prototype) (info)
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Download Deja Vu (May 8, 1990 prototype) from external mirror

A US prototype of Deja Vu. The prototype Famicom cartridge is contained in a Famicom Disk System RAM Adapter shell.


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