Crash Tag Team Racing (Jun 29th, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
Crash Tag Team Racing (Jun 29th, 2005 prototype)
Build date Jun 29, 2005 22:37:14
Build name Preview
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by ShadowLuigi37
Released by ShadowLuigi37
File dump date April 3, 2024
File release date April 9, 2024
Origin DVD-R
Dump method PowerISO
Ownership ShadowLuigi37 (2024 - Present)
Game Crash Tag Team Racing
System Xbox
Genre Racing
Final build US Aug 18, 2005
EU Aug 28, 2005
JP Unreleased
Release date US Oct 18, 2005
EU Nov 3, 2005
AU Nov 4, 2005
JP Unreleased
Article Crash Tag Team Racing (Xbox Prototype)
Download Crash Tag Team Racing (Jun 29th, 2005 prototype) (info)
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Download Crash Tag Team Racing (Jun 29th, 2005 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Crash Tag Team Racing for the Xbox.


The Cutting Room Floor research

Developer QA Leftover Notes

  • Pressing the Left D-Pad in the Gift Shop section of the Multiplayer Setup grants you Wumpa Coins.
  • Going into first person using the Left Trigger in the hub areas and then pressing X gives you a crystal, and Y gives you coins.
  • There's a red color headless person in the Midway that's supposed to give you all minigames, though talking to them doesn't do anything. (The functionality of the headless person giving you all minigames only applies to Onfoot_Hub - An Unused Hub World Map)
  • The tutorial section of Von Clutch's MotorWorld has 5 floating platforms the player can jump onto, one of each will take you to a hub world.

General Notes

  • This build is a little bit prone to crashing in minor inconsistent ways.
  • The Main Menu, Race Tracks, and Grand Prix Win music are all the early midi mockups the game's composer Marc Baril made before Spiralmouth recorded the final vocal tracks, also mentioned in a Crash Mania Interview from 2009.
  • This build has 115 unique unused voice lines, a little bit of which were previously only hearable in the PS2 Demo build.
  • Loading Screen backdrop is completely blank.
  • All the FMVs from Red Eye Studios in this build are just the Sierra logo used as a placeholder.
  • The attract video is an early leftover from previous builds.
  • Wumpa Whip has a rather trippy effect than what is normally seen in the final game.
  • All Characters and Vehicles are unlocked from the getgo, but only in the Main Menu sections.
  • All Characters in races have little animations that play which aren't in the final game, and weren't even in earlier builds.
  • Chick Gizzardlips has his final model (albeit without shading), but his tutorial icon still shows him with a cigarette as seen in earlier builds of the game.
  • Despite the option to purchase character costumes in the multiplayer section, you can't equip them.
  • The PSP Battle Arena "Fight Like An Egyptian" exists and is playable in this build despite it and another PSP Battle Arena "The Tragic Kingdom" (Which does exist in this build's files, but is slightly early) not meant to be played on any other platform outside of PS2 through linking between the PSP and PS2 versions.
  • A lot of the NTSC-U PS2 unused leftovers are also in the files of this Xbox build including "onfoot_hub", "sandbox", "testbed1", "bonus11 (early Evilocity)", and "bonus2_arena (really early Hardly Ever Land)".
  • The single player and multiplayer Character selections screens in the main menu also features a little animation upon selecting a character which doesn't happen in the final game.
  • The "Continue" and "Play Again" screens from earlier builds is also present here, though doesn't have Aku Aku hovering around in this build.
  • There's a bug that after doing 1 race upon starting up the boot prevents other music in later races to play except for the race theme which just loops.
  • All the race minigames don't play any music.
  • The Hub World minigames don't play any music (Just plays the hub world music that was already being played), despite the actual music files existing in this build, and being the same as the final game.
  • Some Character mission cutscenes tend to crash in the middle of said cutscenes, not all of them have this problem.
  • Crossing the finish line in the "Crashinator" still allows you to move as if a race was still going on.
  • Despite all the Die-O-Ramas in this build being identical to retail, the preview icons in the Movie Gallery are leftover from earlier builds and show older, un-rendered, Maya Playblasts of these Die-O-Ramas.
  • The game story cutscenes have no sound effects.
  • This build uses 2 early versions of the black power gem cutscenes for Tyrannosaurus Wrecks and Tomb Town which are both in an un-rendered, Maya Playblast state with the latter being the only one with sound, despite the final versions of these cutscenes also being in the files of this build, whilest also having no sound effects.
  • The last cutscene of Crash pulling the lever to stop Willie Wumpa Cheeks' rocket launch is entirely different from the final game, and got to the point of being all finished (except that there's no sound mix).

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Game is emulatable (in Xemu): Yes (as of April 9th, 2024).
  • Game is emulatable (in CXBX): Yes (as of April 9th, 2024).
  • Game contains dongle protection: No.



|Playthrough. |Grands Prix. |Video Files. |Unused Voice Clips. |Music. |Darkaiser's gameplay.



  • Darkaiser and Drx for helping me secure this prototype.
  • BetaM and Darkaiser for helping with datamining and testing.
  • Hypnoshark for doing an exclusive world premiere showcase reveal of this prototype.