Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Jul 29, 1998 demo)

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Title Screen
Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Jul 29, 1998 demo)
Build date Jul 29, 1998 10:21:02
Build name DEMO CD
Dump status Released
Released by Darkaiser
File release date March 16, 2019
Origin CD
Game Crash Bandicoot: Warped
System PlayStation
Genre Platform
Final build US Oct 11, 1998
EU Oct 28, 1998
JP Nov 19, 1998
Release date US Nov 4, 1998
EU Dec 5, 1998
JP Dec 17, 1998
Download Crash Bandicoot: Warped (Jul 29, 1998 demo) (info)
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A prototype demo of Crash Bandicoot: Warped for the Sony PlayStation.


The Cutting Room Floor research

This "Test Drive" demo was featured in Toys "R" Us stores, but there was almost no information about this rare disc until nowadays. This demo came from a very old beta build and it's currently the earliest Crash 3 demo.

  • Aku Aku has a red nose.
  • Stopwatches were originally iron stopwatch crates, having an outline box before collecting a crystal.
  • Under Pressure music is slightly different. It has different mixing and glitches out at the beginning.
  • The pufferfish are purple instead of red.
  • Crystals and gems don't play the choir sound effect or have any particle effects, identically to its predecessor.
  • Checkpoints crates also don't play the choir sound effect when opened, once again like Crash 2.
  • The warp out sound is from Crash 2.
  • The portal design for entering and exiting levels is different. featuring an older design for the Time Twister Warp Room.
  • By using any memory viewer, it's possible to see all the strings of text used in the pause menu, including some different level names:
    • Bone Yard and Dino Might! are switched.
    • Makin' Waves is named Aye Matey.
    • Road Crash is named Roadkill.
    • Sphynxinator in named Sphynxter.
    • Future Frenzy is named Fast Forward.
    • Mad Bombers is the first level of the 5th Warp Room.
    • Future Frenzy, Orange Asphalt, Flaming Passion, Bug Lite, Area 51?, Ski Crazed, Rings of Power, Hot Coco and Eggipus Rex are missing.
  • To enable Time Trial mode, replace the two following array of bytes 7e 0b 81 08 7e fb e1 11 with 00 00 00 2f 00 00 00 2f.




A huge thanks to psx-collector for providing the original disc scans containing this build, and to Airumu for providing the patch to enable Time Trial.

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