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The Hidden Palace is a community dedicated to the preservation of video game development media (such as prototypes, hardware, source code, artwork, and more). This website can be utilized as a catalog for the items that we and others are able to collect and share.

If you are interested in contributing, please see our How to Contribute page.

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Crash Tag Team Racing (Jun 29th, 2005 prototype)
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Hello again everyone! Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, birds are singing, and prototypes are releasing! Today we'd like to share an Xbox prototype of Crash Tag Team Racing, courtesy of ShadowLuigi37 who also took the liberty of researching the build for us!


This is the first Xbox prototype of Crash Tag Team Racing and the earliest non-demo build of the game. The build contains a bunch of various differences such as early music, race tracks, voice lines, and UI elements. There's really too many differences to list in one article, so be sure to try it out yourself!


Once again, we'd like to thank ShadowLuigi37 for dumping and researching this build, and also want to give a shoutout to Hypnoshark for doing the reveal of this build on his Twitch page. We hope to have much more to share with you all soon!

Until next time!


Thanks for contributing!