Kid Chameleon (Dec 19, 1991 prototype)

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Title Screen
Kid Chameleon (Dec 19, 1991 prototype)
Build date Dec 19, 1991 10:26:10
Dump status Released
Origin CD-R disc
Lot [[Has origin lot::Sega ROM Archive]]
Label Disk #3 Genesis Roms
Game Kid Chameleon
System Sega Mega Drive
Genre Platformer
Release date JP May 28, 1992
US Mar 1992
EU May 1992
Download Kid Chameleon (Dec 19, 1991 prototype) (info)

Might be a second revision in progress. Product code changed to remove a space. No differences in maps and level art, except this ROM contains 4 extra maps which are duplicates of another level.




drx todo


File Type Date Size SHA-1
Kid Chameleon (Dec 19, 1991 prototype).bin Megadrive ROM Image 1991-12-19 10:26:10 1 MB b9307bc31c8d90137477315395f8d1a3b7874459