Double Dragon (NES prototype)

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Title Screen
Double Dragon (NES prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Scrybe
Released by Scrybe
Origin ROM
Game Double Dragon
System NES
Genre Action/Platform
Release date US Jun 1988
EU 1990
JP Apr 8 1988
Download Double Dragon (NES prototype) (info)

An early prototype of Double Dragon for NES.


  • Free Play is enabled.
  • If left alone on the title screen the game will go into a unfinished attract mode. It isn't programmed to play and the player will die then the level will restart with no music.
  • No shoulder toss throw.
  • Abilities and special moves awarded at different levels.
  • Can sometimes fight more than 2 enemies at once.
  • Can skip levels by pressing start.
  • Some palettes may be different.
  • Section by right wall in the first level sub-section does not let you walk up the wall along the unfunctional elevator shaft.
  • Extra Rock in level 3.
  • Double cave doors in level 3 lead to different places. Right door loops right back outside.
  • Final exit in level 3 doesn't open. They can still be entered though.
  • Extra rock on top of mountain in level 4.
  • Double doors in level 4 lead to different places. Left door proceeds and right door leads to the previous level.
  • Jimmy Lee is no longer the final boss, the game ends with the defeat of Willy.


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