Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (May 9, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (May 9, 2000 prototype)
Build date May 09, 2000 17:00:48
Build name E3 demo
Dump status Released
Released by sairuk
File release date October 25, 2016
Origin CD-R
Game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
System PlayStation
Genre Sports - Skateboarding
Final build US Aug 12, 2000
EU Aug 16, 2000
FR Aug 22, 2000
DE Aug 22, 2000
JP Jan 22, 2001
Release date US Sep 20, 2000
EU Sep 29, 2000
JP Mar 8, 2001
Download Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (May 9, 2000 prototype) (info)
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A NTSC-U prototype of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the Sony PlayStation. Built around three months (95 days) before the release version.

This build matches the one used at E3 2000 and was sent to a number of press outlets as a preview disc.


The Cutting Room Floor research


  • Aside from the intro videos and the level select previews, there are no FMV's in this build.
    • The Neversoft video matches the one used in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999).
  • 2 Player is called Multiplayer in the main menu.
    • Only Trick Attack and Graffiti are selectable.
  • The options menu has not been implemented, it redirects to the Skateshop.
  • Only one deck per skater is available. Most of them are reused from THPS1 and wouldn't make it to this game's final version.
  • You are unable to assign tricks at this point in development.
  • Cash pick-ups as well as some career goal objects can be collected in the other game modes as well.
  • In similar fashion to the previous Pro Skater installment, obtaining cash pick-ups count as points.
  • Many goal items have different placements as well as an additional level of difficulty to obtain.
  • Chopper Drop and Skate Heaven can not be accessed under normal circumstances as they don't have pages in the level select menu.
    • However, there is an unused page for the Park Editor level called "Demo Park".
  • All numbers and symbols in the trick string are yellow. Any numbers that are part of a gap name will therefore appear green.
  • Like the previous game, the score string in the upper left corner only shows points up to a million until trying to display six blinking zero's which glitch out in this build.
  • The score multiplier caps off at 19. This was put in place because the game at that point would crash on hardware if going over 20 due to the way the trick system is coded.
  • The Big Drop has been somewhat implemented. However, the player is never informed about when it triggers, so there is no way to avoid the skater from bailing when dropping from certain heights.
  • Only three of the fifteen songs used in the final game appear in this build.
Artist Song Title
Consumed Heavy Metal Winner
Dub Pistols Cyclone
Anthrax & Public Enemy Bring The Noise
  • Pressing both L1+L2 in any menu activates a debug feature, that lets you move around various menu elements. Use L1 and R1 to pick different items.


Though in a slightly buggy state, it is complete for the most part.

  • This build only allows the creation of one custom skater.
  • The skater info menu has an additional setting called "Music". The default option 'Punk' cannot be changed. What this is supposed to do is unknown.
  • Often the weight reverts back to 180 pounds when some attributes like skin color or certain clothing is changed.
  • The name you give the skater would only appear in the skater selection menu and default to 'Custom Skater' everywhere else in the game.
  • You can't save the skater's appearance to your memory card. As soon as you load your save file, the custom skater has his default style.

Park Editor

  • A few objects would later be retextured or removed entirely.
  • Right from the start the piece limit bar on the right already appears to be about a third full.
  • You can only set the start for Player 1.
    • Instead of a green "1" next to the arrow, there's a red text reading "P1 START HERE".
  • Gaps can not be placed yet.
  • The 'Rails' and both 'Quarter Pipes' sections, house double pieces that were removed in the final build, leaving singles and quads only.
  • There are no corner slopes and quarter pipes with rails atop of them.
  • There are no signs, floor decorations, pillars and foliage.
  • There is a set of triple stairs in this build, that was later removed, leaving doubles and quads only.
  • An additional pool called the "roman pool" was removed for the final game.
  • A couple of funboxes were axed in the final, such as some steeper octagonal ones, pyramids and one isolated piece called the "Rausch ramp" (named after designer Chris Rausch), which is a combination of a funbox, a long ramp and a rail.
  • The park editor menu gives you an option to test the level in both single player and 2-player mode.
  • The 'School' theme is called 'Bonus Theme' and is inaccessible.
  • 'Load pre-made parks' is called 'Access CD' in this build.
    • There are only 10 pre-made parks and none of them have names.

Playable Levels

All levels found in the final game are available in this build. The less complete ones have been blocked in the level select menu, but can be accessed one way or another.

Besides all level files for THPS2, all levels from the first Pro Skater can be found as well. To be able to play them, one must unpack, and later repack the WAD file and change the name of the level loading files [***_t.trg] to equal the file name length of the files normally used to load the main levels in the game. To set which level select page should load into which level, open the disc image in a hex editor and change the [***_T] strings (located between addresses F5E08 and F619E) according to your renamed file in the WAD.

Level Internal file name Status Gameshark code

(replaces "School II")

Notes / Differences
THPS 2 levels
The Hangar, Mullet Falls MT SkHan Accessible through cheat code 300DA2AA 0068

300DA2AB 0061

300DA2AC 006E

Available in the Level Select, after entering TRUST LUST in the pause menu.
  • An early, basic textured version of Hangar.
  • The section dividing both halves of the level is a relatively wide passage and has breakable glass on each side.
  • After the propeller opens the door to the wind tunnel, it keeps rotating at a high speed for a while, killing the skater if he attempts to pass through.
  • The outside helipad area is not available in this version of the level. Instead there is a dispatch room above it, housing a few cash pick-ups.
  • If you choose the "Heli side" restart, you can witness the objects that are supposed to drop when the helicopter takes off rise to the top first.
  • There are mock banners for "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "Delbonics Airlines".
School II, Southern Cali SkSl2 Accessible through normal means
  • At the start of the level, there is no kicker beneath the awing.
  • There are two pipes between the roofs in the middle instead of one. One of them is burst open and releases some steam.
  • Instead of just five, there are eight hall passes to be collected.
  • There are two roof vents at every spot: the one that made it to the final (square box with animated texture) and another one, which is a smaller round model. It shatters upon landing.
  • The hidden tape is located in the Carlsbad area, next to the staircase. It is actually invisible and will only appear if you break the small vent on the roof just before that area.
  • Opening the gym causes some texture bleeding in the building's walls.
  • It also opens the other door to the Gonz rail staircase, which is closed off in the final.
    • This was likely done because when trying to enter the gym from that door after exiting it from the other, will cause the entire area not to render.
  • There is a rail connecting both quad pipes at the basketball court.
  • Some graffiti are missing around the dumpster corner near the Gonz rail.
  • There is a slight bit more overall vegetation.
  • There are additional bounceable trashcans and a dumpster between the two rails near the big wall separating the Carlsbad area.
Marseille, France SkMar Accessible through normal means
  • There are no cash pick-ups in this level.
New York City, NY SkNY Accessible through normal means
  • There is a passage above the pit that connects both streets.
  • You can actually fall into the manhole between the kickers. It just kills the skater though.
  • There is no ramp near Joey's Place.
  • There are actually three sculptures of Joey's, each one placed at a 45° angle to each other and you have to perform a Smith grind on each in order to complete the goal.
  • Instead of having to collect five tokens to open the subway entrance, the 50 dollar pickup in front unlocks it.
  • The base of the statue in the park has two levels and you can't get there without ollieing.
  • The female scream is much more terrifying in this version.
  • Police sirens trigger more often in this level.
  • Fire hydrants are there, but don't have any goal attached yet.
Venice Beach, California SkVen Accessible through cheat code 300DA2AA 0056

300DA2AB 0065

300DA2AC 006E

Available in the Level Select, after entering TRUST LUST in the pause menu.
  • The Pit is almost complete in this version, what's missing are the surroundings.
  • The building to the left has a passage that acts shortcut to the pit.
  • When you skate down the staircase, instead of a dead end there is a turnaround pathway that ultimately leads you past the police station back to the start.
  • An early implementation of the Venice ledge can be seen in the distance over the wall of the turnaround path. Invisible collision prevents you from accessing this area though.
  • If you select the 2-player restart in Venice Beach you get a very early version of it that is so big, it will crash when you get to some areas.
  • That version has a huge car wash area with a hidden tunnel behind the fence. This was cut entirely. The car wash would later be reused for the Los Angeles level in THPS3.
Skatestreet, Ventura SkSS Accessible through normal means
  • The triggers that open the doors leading outside work a bit different in this build.
    • The "Van Secret Area Key" trigger is the same as in the final, but instead of a gap, it triggers the special trick and cheer SFX to notify the player.
    • The other door would normally open by triggering the "Rail Secret Area Key" in the final, by grinding the support beam next to the huge quad pipe with the wave. Here it is opened in the lower level half pipe right next to the gate. Once there, ollie up as high as you can to get the the three "Up...", "...Up...", "...and Away" gaps.
  • A 100-point pick-up can be found in one of the outside areas. While it originated in the first Pro Skater game, this is a leftover from earlier versions of THPS2, that used those before the cash pick-ups were introduced to replace them.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania SkPh Accessible through normal means
  • There is no ramp leading up to the balcony near the park area, as well as no wire to grind on to smash the fence to access the FDR skatepark area.
    • It can be unlocked by obtaining the 20-dollar cash icon that sits right next to the liberty bell opposite the fence.
The Bullring, Mexico SkBul Accessible through cheat code 300DA2AA 0042

300DA2AB 0075

300DA2AC 006C

Available in the Level Select, after entering TRUST LUST in the pause menu.
  • About half the level is untextured.
  • The bull has no legs and his poop is untextured as well.
Chopper Drop, Hawaii SkB1 Accessible through GameShark code/modding only 300DA2AA 0042

300DA2AB 0031

300DA2AC 005F

300DA2AD 0054

300DA2AE 0000

Does not have it's own Level Select page yet.
  • There is no helicopter and no finish banner.
  • In similar fashion to the distance gap in Downhill Jam, your jump height is measured with gaps, making very big air combos possible.
Skate Heaven SkB2 / SkHvn Accessible through GameShark code/modding only 300DA2AA 0048

300DA2AB 0076

300DA2AC 006E

Does not have it's own Level Select page yet. Duplicate files on disc.
  • Despite Tony's Island and the Wallows being finished, the Sadlands / playground area is not properly textured yet.
  • That area is also covered with plywood plates.
THPS 1 levels
Warehouse, Woodland Hills SkWare Accessible through modding only
  • This is the only THPS1 level on the disc to have it's original gap names intact during gameplay.
School, Miami SkSchl Accessible through modding only
Mall, New York SkMall Accessible through modding only
  • The skybox in the dancing waters area outside does not render correctly.
Skatepark, Chicago SkVans Accessible through modding only
Downtown, Minneapolis SkDown Accessible through modding only
Downhill Jam, Phoenix SkJam Accessible through GameShark code/modding only 300DA2AA 004A

300DA2AB 0061

300DA2AC 006D

Burnside, Portland SkBurn Accessible through modding only
Streets, San Francisco SkSF Accessible through modding only
  • A vehicle originally used in this level isn't present on this disc. This would cause the game to crash while loading. To avoid this, replace "C_Va." with "C_Bu." located at 0329B746 inside the disc image.
Roswell, New Mexico SkRos Accessible through GameShark code/modding only 300DA2AA 0052

300DA2AB 006F

300DA2AC 0073

Cheat codes

In addition to having an extra set of debug cheats enabled, most of the codes used in this build are leftovers of the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Other than adding a few new ones, the debug codes either match the ones used in earlier builds or have been slightly altered.

To enter these codes, navigate to the in-game pause menu, hold down L1 and enter the code. A shaking pause screen will confirm a successful entry.

Always full special meter X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right XTCDUR
Autotest Triangle, Up, Square, Triangle, Up, Right TUSTUR Once activated, the test cycle cannot be interrupted.
Character lighting tool X, Left, Up, X XLUX Disables the HUD and opens a panel on the left side of the screen. Press SELECT to freeze the game and modify the RGB values.
Debug coordinates and build date Down, Down, Triangle, Down, Down, Triangle DDT DDT Displays a panel on the bottom left of the screen, showing the skater's current position and what spawn point has been used.
Disco lights Down, Up, Square, Circle, Up DUSCU
End run Circle, Up, Triangle, Circle, Up, Triangle CUT CUT
FPS counter and stats display Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left DULL DULL During gameplay, hold down L2 to temporarily remove the stat info from the display.
Mirror level X, Up, Triangle XUT
Obese skater Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left SCULL Originally the "Big head" cheat code from THPS1. Instead of just the head, the skater's entire body becomes very wide in this build. Whether this was intentional or a mistake is unknown, since this code would be scrapped some time before the July 10, 2000 preview build.
Perfect balance Right, Up, Left, Square RULS
Remove HUD Square, Left, Up, Triangle SLUT Having the HUD disabled can soft lock the game if either the clock runs out on you in a timed mode or if you end the run before landing a combo with a relatively big score, since that would normally make you wait until the score has been transferred from the trick string to the total amount. This can be remedied by holding down SELECT + START for three seconds to be booted to the main menu.
Replace Officer Dick with Private Carrera Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle TUTU CULT Non-functioning THPS1 leftover.
Replay save destination Right, Circle, Right, Down, Right, Circle, Right, Down RCRD RCRD This code tries to activate a function not present in this build, that saves replays that are normally written to a memory card, onto an attached dev kit / computer instead. It would try to save them as demoA.rec, demoB.rec, etc.. The same format used for the THPS1 gameplay videos that play in the main menu after a few moments of inactivity.
Score times 10 Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down, Up TXTUDU Multiplies the base score by 10.
Screenshots Circle, Up, Left, Left, Square CULLS Press SELECT to freeze the game. The camera can be moved with the following inputs using a Controller in Port 2. However, it seems to work in 2-player mode only.
Horizontal Sphere Left / Right Square / Circle
Vertical Sphere Up / Down D-Pad Up / Down
Zoom In / Out D-Pad Left / Right
Rise / Lower L1 / L2
Lock input R2
Square, Circle, Right, X SCRX
Skater gains weight X(x4), Left XXXX L
Skater loses weight X(x4), Square XXXX S
Skip to restart Square, Circle, X, Up, Down SCXUD
Slo-Nic mode Square, Left, Up, Square, Left SLUSL
Stats at 3 Down, Up, Down, X, Square DUD XS
Stats at 5 Up, Square, Triangle, Up, Down U STUD
Stats at 6 Down, Square, Triangle, Up, Down D STUD
Stats at 7 Left, Square, Triangle, Up, Down L STUD
Stats at 8 Right, Square, Triangle, Up, Down R STUD
Stats at 9 Circle, Square, Triangle, Up, Down C STUD
Stats at 10 Square, Triangle, Up, Down STUD
Stats at 13 X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down XS STUD
Toggle blood Right, Up, Square, Triangle RUST
Unlock everything Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle CRUD CRUST Non-functioning THPS1 leftover.
Unlock all levels Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle TRUST LUST Unlocks all available level pages, except for Demo Park, Chopper Drop and Skate Heaven.



Venice Beach (Early version)



Thanks to sairuk for releasing this build and to DCxDemo for the images of the 2-player version of Venice Beach.