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Imported comments

DZIAD (Sep 25 2007)

Alice (Apr 29 2009)
Taken from the ReadMe:

"Enjoy another great Hidden Palace release. Included is the full GEMS development kit for developing music on the Megadrive.

Contains all the necessary source code and the main GEMS application.

You can also find the source code to the game SHIP inside."

This is a very useful tool for creating your own music in Megadrive games.

gatsu77 (Jun 02 2009)
Hello, I write to you from Italy! I have downloaded your program GEMS. It run in a dos window but after little second ones of activity jams and must close the program. I'm ill-fated or is a problem that I can resolve? They exist patch? Thanks and compliment for your job!

EL_HCKTROX (Oct 24 2009)
Help Me!

No listen any sound! . And no sound in DosBox

YMC12 (email) (Feb 02 2010)
I dont think you people know how to work this so i recommend you read the sega2.doc and then you will understand translation from the Yamaha chip

HCKTROX (Sep 26 2010)
Holy shit, but I can't compose NOTHING, because don't work with my Sound Card. I tried in DoxBox, but nothing!

HCKTROX (Sep 26 2010)
Help me please!

SoullessSentinel (Nov 08 2010)
@HCKTROX: You can't compose anything because GEMS doesn't support audio, you have to have the hardware setup, which links to a megadrive devcart, containing the GEMS bootrom. You'd also need the Megadrive-PC Link cable used by the GEMS SDK.

HCKTROX (Feb 12 2011)
Ok then :(

I can made something, to link it with some emulator, then?

Twoolard (Nov 26 2015)