Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Mar 13, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Mar 13, 2000 prototype)
Build date Mar 13, 2000 09:50:02
Build name N/A
Dump status Released
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date September 18, 2021
Origin GD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels SWWS Euro Edition
Dump method Dreamcast (Dreamcast SD Rip v1.1)
Game Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition
System Dreamcast
Genre Sports - Soccer
Final build JP Unreleased
EU Apr 28, 2000
US Unreleased
Release date JP Unreleased
EU Jul 30, 2000
US Unreleased
Download Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Mar 13, 2000 prototype) (info)
Download Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition (Mar 13, 2000 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000 Euro Edition for the Dreamcast.


  • Compiled a month and half before the final build.
  • Different opening video.
  • Different music on the title screen.
  • Different Silicon Dreams logo, missing trademark information on the titlescreen.
  • There's a line that separates the two team names on the top left of the screen in this build, this was removed for the final.
  • The "Swatch" underneath the HUD on the top left is missing from this build.
  • In this build, the text "PRESS START TO EXIT DEMO" appears during the post title screen demo. In the final, this message says "PRESS START BUTTON TO EXIT DEMO".
  • Skill Settings is missing from the main menu in this build.
  • An option called "FREQOPS" can be found at the bottom of the option list in this build. Selecting it does nothing and crashes the game.
  • In this build, starting a game starts with a coin flip. This doesn't occur in the final build.
  • Slightly different lighting, part of the stage is missing seats.
  • Executable information:
    • Executable Name: /1ST_READ.BIN
    • Executable checksum (MD5): 30a84c7ff17a5d41ea17f07e6582cba9
    • Executable timestamp: 2000-03-13 09:50:02
  • Header Information (IP.BIN):
    • Header - Release Date: 20000705
    • Header - Region: E
    • Header - Device Info: 7406 GD-ROM1/1
    • Header - Product Version: V0.100
    • Header - Maker ID: SEGA ENTERPRISES
    • Header - Product Number: HDR-0000
  • Volume Information:
    • Volume Identifier: SAMPLE_GAME_TITLE
    • Volume Set Identifier: SAMPLE_GAME_TITLE
    • Volume Creation Date: 2000-03-13 09:50:02
    • Volume Modification Date: 2000-03-13 09:50:02
    • Last Modified File (if not available, then executable was the last modified file):
    • Last Modified File Checksum (MD5):
    • Last Modified File Time Stamp:
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of September 12, 2021).




File Type Date Size SHA-1
ip.bin File 2021-02-13 03:55:28 32 KB 728c01275b905d9a4d66a31b3ae27658647b0873
track01.bin File 2021-02-13 03:55:30 689.1 KB b4c409cd7bae489fb4e9113cbf105d4dd086ab92
track03.bin File 2021-02-13 03:59:27 333.61 MB 32ed512f4eaa53dc5e9bd684b49629cb85f9e919
track05.bin File 2021-02-13 04:08:35 745.13 MB 503d272472707e3282ed19228e673c5f01d16e0e
SWWS Euro Edition.jpeg File 2021-03-27 13:20:30 2.11 MB e3c2fed1e07616228d616f726c798dd9c7be79ac
disc.gdi File 2021-02-13 03:55:27 149 bytes 4556fcedf1712ae173bb4dbe871c7adcb6b5309e
track02.raw File 2021-02-13 03:55:42 13.35 MB b643df4def042b6c23f90f54c690ac7df431233f
track04.raw File 2021-02-13 04:00:14 51.42 MB 7b8315146b36391ff45ca7c4de5435057d42387f
info.txt File 2021-02-13 03:55:28 185 bytes d72b9192d8b50a3d8071a59fcb7712e8602530a4
track.txt File 2021-02-13 03:55:29 340 bytes ad8f621e9af8ea5e9bd9bdd66ae8524df499c5bb


A huge thanks to ehw for researching this prototype! And a huge thanks to the anonymous donor that allowed for this release to happen!

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