Little King's Story (Aug 8, 2009 prototype)

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Title Screen
Little King's Story (Aug 8, 2009 prototype)
Build date Aug 8, 2009
Build name 0808
Dump status Released
Dumped by Anonymous
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date December 25, 2022
Origin RVT-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels Little King's Story 0808
Dump method RVT-R Reader (CleanRip)
Game Little King's Story
System Nintendo Wii
Genre Real-time strategy, life simulation, role-playing
Final build JP N/A
Release date JP Sep 8, 2009
EU Apr 24, 2009
US Jul 21, 2009
Download Little King's Story (Aug 8, 2009 prototype) (info)
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Download Little King's Story (Aug 8, 2009 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Little King's Story for the Wii.


  • Differences unknown.
  • Disc information:
    • Header Product Code: RABAZZ
    • Header Version Number: 0
    • Header Title: Sample Game Name
    • Executable Name: /main.dol
    • Latest date in DOL: 3/6/2008 5:40:00 PM
    • Latest date in DOL (final build): TBD
    • Apploader date: 10/3/2007
    • Apploader date (final build): TBD
    • Errors (Data Blocks): 0
    • Errors (Unused Blocks): 0
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable in Dolphin: No (as of December 25, 2022).
      • Issues: Black screen, no error in the log.
    • Debug enabled: Maybe




Archive Contents:

File Type Date Size SHA-1
RABAZZ-998.iso File 2022-11-26 11:35:26 4.38 GB 995774665964462bfe8b25ba3679796256d7bfd1
Little King's Story 0808.JPG File 2022-11-26 10:53:01 2.86 MB 8103e7670daa24c08ed24f46ccb2eec442f19c3d
RABAZZ-998-dumpinfo.txt File 2022-11-26 10:52:43 175 bytes 992591903558c33ab5dab5f4e575c84ed7a7b679
RABAZZ-998.bca File 2022-11-26 10:52:43 64 bytes 11a5eabe5c0a4675a4109bee5c89ce109ba297b8

Download File:

File Type Date Size Comment SHA-1
Little King's Story (Aug 8, 2009 prototype).7z 7zip Archive 2022-12-25 10:28:28 3.99 GB Download file f3691976a74c6f0d571c51efc16576906d97694c


A huge thanks to ehw for researching this prototype! And a huge thanks to the anonymous donor that allowed for this release to happen!

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