Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge (February 4, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge (February 4, 2000 prototype)
Build date February 4, 2000
Build name MS #5 PreConcept1.0
Dump status Dumped, not released
Dumped by Kneesnap
Released by Kneesnap
File release date 2022
Origin CD-R
Lot Frogger 2 Motherload Lot
Dump method PowerISO
Game Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge
System PlayStation
Genre Action
Final build PSX US Aug 10, 2000
PSX EU Aug 15, 2000
PC US Sept 6, 2000
PC EU Sept 8, 2000
Release date US Sep 21, 2000
EU Oct 13, 2000

A prototype of Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge for PlayStation.


  • Debug title screen. "START GAME" and "DEVELOP" do not work.
  • No sound.
  • Extremely laggy.
  • Froglets spread their legs out in something of a default pose.
  • Pause screen seems to crash.
  • The hub world has been removed.