Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (Jul 11, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (Jul 11, 2000 prototype)
Build date Jul 11, 2000 11:51:22
Build name 7-31
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date April 17, 2021
Origin CD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove
Dump method PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716UF 1.11 03/23/07 15:10 (CloneCD)
Game Disney's The Emperor's New Groove
System PlayStation
Genre Platformer
Final build JP Unreleased
EU Oct 24, 2000
US Oct 14, 2000
Release date JP Unreleased
EU Oct 24, 2000
US Nov 13, 2000
Download Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (Jul 11, 2000 prototype) (info)
Download Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (Jul 11, 2000 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Disney's The Emperor's New Groove for the PlayStation.


  • An NTSC-U build dated just over three months before the final.
  • The pre-title Argonaut logo screen is more basic.
  • The title screen is a bit different and features a 3D logo of "Emperor's New Groove".
    • The logo begins with "Disney's" rather than "Walt Disney".
    • The skybox background is different to the one used in the final.
    • The outline on the "Start Game" and "Options" text is slightly darker.
    • The "Select" text is missing here.
    • The "O" in "Options" is slightly cut off.
  • The title theme is a slightly extended mix with lyrics, rather than the instrumental mix used in the final.
  • All the music present in this build differs slightly from the final build. In general the instrumentation is much simpler here.
  • There are fewer choices on the options menu, and the shoulder angels in the background have a different introductory animation.
    • The "cancel" button just resets the changes made to the menu, rather than resetting the changes and exiting the menu.
  • The map screen looks quite different from the final.
  • Pressing left on the map screen unlocks a level select.
    • It is very easy to crash the game with the level select as you can easily pick levels which don't exist. You're also given the option to change the "world" number from 1 to 6, but it seems as though only world 1 was ever used, resulting in the other five crashing the game.
  • All loading screens are missing the images used in the final.
  • The charge move used with the square button does not appear to be implemented yet.
  • A number of sound effects are missing or differ from the final.
  • Most of the audio dialogue is missing, and the small amount which is in uses dev recordings, often with voices not even coming close to matching the character. Perhaps the developers' sense of humor?
  • Most levels are missing their pre-level and post-level cutscenes using clips from the film. There are a few exceptions:
    • Levels 7 and 8 (Catacombs and Lab) show a placeholder animation of the words "171intro" or "181intro" respectively, for their intro cutscenes.
    • Level 1 (chapter 4), level 2 (chapters 2 and 3), level 3 (chapter 3), level 4 (chapter 3), level 5 (chapter 3), level 6 (chapters 1 and 2) and level 8 (chapter 5) similarly have outro cutscenes which simply say, for example, "114outro".
    • Level 6 chapter 1 incorrectly says "162outro" on its outro screen.
  • Some of the panning shots of the level shown just before gameplay differ from the final, particularly in object and enemy placement in some of the shots.
  • Jungle Night is called "Jungle" on its loading screen.
  • Catacombs is in lower case, written as "catacombs", in its chapter 1 loading screen.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of April 17, 2021).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.
    • Game contains debugging symbols: No
    • Dump was originally scrambled: No




Full Playthrough of Prototype

cat four.wmv


File Type Date Size SHA-1
PSX - ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove.img File 2020-12-12 22:25:46 341.59 MB cfac0eb1fda6fa74f14ccb86ccc2a0ffdebceee6
PSX - ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove.cue File 2020-12-12 22:16:00 99 bytes 9f5332bca81c4e069eb52bf45326c42825a67f00
PSX - ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove.ccd File 2020-12-12 22:16:00 773 bytes 40e302c189d7c8d75517e3df00af978c87ba0dae
PSX - ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove.sub File 2020-12-12 22:26:30 13.94 MB 3821a99d89573cc8f7d8de002ceb3e134b28702b
PSX - ENG 7-31 Emperor's New Groove.jpeg File 2021-03-14 12:14:15 856.4 KB af5c8f2c6739f8181459c3dc6bd797c3060f0ca9


A huge thanks to Hwd45 for doing the initial research on this prototype!

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