Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (Aug 11, 1996 prototype)

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Title Screen
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (Aug 11, 1996 prototype)
Build date Sep 6, 1996 15:00:00
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by Anonymous
Released by Anonymous
File release date February 8, 2015
Origin CD-R
Game Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
System PlayStation
Genre Adventure
Release date JP Dec 18, 1997
US Sep 29, 1997
EU Oct 1997
Download Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (Aug 11, 1996 prototype) (info)
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An early prototype demo of Croc: Legend of the Gobbos for the Sony PlayStation.

Differences (compared to final)

The Cutting Room Floor research


  • Croc only had to collect three Gobbos in each stage, compared to six in the final. (Interestingly, the Gameboy Color version of Croc still has you collecting just three per-stage: so this change likely occurred after the Gameboy version had started, hence why it retains the original number)
  • The "Beany Gongs" don't exist yet -- the only way to exit a stage is to save all three Gobbos or the exit-door won't open
  • The gold-keys are not present: as-such there are no locked-doors (aside from the exit-door)
  • The silver-keys are not present: the button-switches are instead used to release caged Gobbos
  • The five coloured crystals, jellies and balloons all don't exist yet
  • A blue-bag can be found in the fourth-room of stage 2, "Enter the Jumpy"
  • A red-bag can be found in the left-hand room of stage 5, "Multiple Choice". When collected, Beany will fly in circles around Croc for around 15-20 seconds before flying upwards, out of shot, where he will instantly disappear


  • Jump (X): Croc jumps a little higher than in the final, but not as far
  • Action (X): similar to Tomb Raider, X must be held-down to make Croc hold-onto Monkey-Bars; he will let-go the moment it is released. In the final, Croc holds-onto Monkey-Bars when you jump under them, and you press X to release his grip
  • Tail-Attack (SQUARE) - same as the final game
  • Turn-Around/Flip (TRIANGLE): on the default control-scheme in the final, this is CIRCLE instead (possibly to mimic Tomb Raider, which also uses "tank-controls" and by-default uses CIRCLE to turn-around). If pressed while running, in this alpha Croc awkwardly halts, faces the camera for a brief moment, then turns; in the final, Croc does a cartwheel-style flip. The turn while stationary is very-similar to the retail, however
  • Duck (CIRCLE): unused in the final game?
  • Sidestep left (L1) and right (R1) - same as the final game
  • Look: in the final, holding TRIANGLE enters a "look-mode". This is not present in this alpha
  • Camera height: in the final, L2 and R2 can be used to set the camera to one of three predefined height levels; neither button does anything in this alpha
  • Analog mode is not supported in this alpha; if analog mode is turned on, Croc cannot be controlled
  • Freeze camera (SELECT): if you press SELECT and then move Croc, the camera will stay fixed in the position it was when you pressed the button -- Croc can run-off into the distance, and also behind where the camera is, making him disappear from the scene. This likely exists so gaming magazines could take screenshots without Croc being present in the middle-of-the-shot. This functionality isn't present in the retail version, where SELECT is unused



  • Some corrupted bytes in TRACK26.DA

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