Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Sep 29, 1997 prototype)

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Title Screen
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Sep 29, 1997 prototype)
Build date Sep 29, 1997 11:30:26
Build name 9-30-97
Dump status Released
Dumped by psx-collector
Released by DarkaiserHwd45InicheNikomadmarsrockspsx-collector
File release date May 1, 2021
Origin CD-R
Labels Crash 2 Ev #11 9/30/97
Dump method CloneCD
DiscImageCreator (Plextor PX-W5224TA)
Ownership psx-collector
Game Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
System PlayStation
Genre Platform
Final build US Sep 29, 1997
EU Oct 30, 1997
JP Nov 4, 1997
Release date US Nov 11, 1997
EU Dec 12 1997
JP Dec 18, 1997
Article Crash Landing
Download Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (Sep 29, 1997 prototype) (info)
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A late prototype of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for the PlayStation.


The Cutting Room Floor research

A late build of the game with a few differences here and there.

  • Pressing Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Circle, Square, Triangle at the warp room unlocks the elevator, and gives all colored gems. Pressing Right, Down, Down, Left, Down, Circle, Triangle, Circle will cause the opposite effect, blocking the elevator and removing all colored gems.
  • Demo mode lacks the "Demo" text flashing on-screen.
  • It's totally impossible to skip the opening cutscenes. However, you can pull up the HUD if you want.
  • Music volume is defaulted to 75% as opposed to 100% in the final game.
    • Analog calibration option is called "Analog Pad" instead of "Calibrate".
    • There is no centering options.
  • On the load/save screen, Crash doesn't animate at all, except for blinking.
  • Crash flashes white after being hit or when invincible.
  • Skipping Crash's dances will also skip the hologram cutscenes.
  • Leaving a level prematurely after collecting the crystal will make Crash leap out triumphantly of the portal even if he has earned nothing.
  • You need to hold L2 instead of Triangle to go back to a boss battle.
  • Polar makes a very different sound.
  • If you have any crystals or gems, and use a secret exit, Crash won't take them out of his pocket in the warp room.
  • The gem of a secret level will be invisible when Crash takes it out of his pocket in the warp room.
  • Skipping the cutscene won't skip the Komodo Bros. animation, so you'll be able to move while they are still in the cutscene state.
  • The area right after the bonus lacks the holes. The final game had several pits on both sides of the path, and there was only one boost pad.
  • In Bee-Having, the electric fence before the second checkpoint is not rendered properly, and part of the hole ahead is covered by a glitched floor.
  • Several sound effects are missing in N. Gin's battle.
  • Almost all levels have slightly different music tracks.
  • Dump verified using DIC.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of April 30, 2021).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No





A huge thank you to the whole Crash Landing team, and especially psx-collector for agreeing to include this build in the release, and to Darkaiser/GDias in researching the build!

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