Clockwork Knight: Pengin War (Oct 21, 1995 prototype)

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Title Screen
Clockwork Knight: Pengin War (Oct 21, 1995 prototype)
Build date Oct 21, 1995 04:00:09
Dump status Released
Dumped by Tongara
Released by Clockwork Knight.comTongara
File release date February 11, 2018
Origin CD-R
Labels Clockwork Puzzle 20/10/95 Alpha Jap NTSC
Dump method Plextor PX-708UF (DiscImageCreator 20200921 (DICUI 1.18))
Ownership rmonton (1995/6?-2007) Segafreak_NL (2007-2017) Tongara (2017-present)
Game Clockwork Knight: Pengin War
System Sega Saturn
Genre Action
Release date Unreleased
Download Clockwork Knight: Pengin War (Oct 21, 1995 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of the unreleased Clockwork Knight: Pengin War for the Sega Saturn. Also know as "Clockwork Knight Puzzle" in some magazine previews, and simply "Clockwork Puzzle" on the CD the prototype came from.

"Pengin War" is not an official name for this game (the game refers to itself simply as "Clockwork Knight Pepperouchau's Adventure"), but has become widely known as such due to the existence of the words "Pengin War" in the prototype version's header. Gameplay is similar to Sega's Pengo, which may suggest "Pengin" is a misspelling of "Penguin".

Date written in pen on the CD says "20/10/95", but as the files burned to the CD are all dated "21/10/95", the earlier date written is most likely down to a simple case of human error.

Despite the above written date on the disc and file burn dates, the header of the game states it was created on "19950620", or "20/06/1995". The game also has a product code labelled "GS-9015", but this was later used for the Japanese release of "Panzer Dragoon" after this game was silently cancelled.



Credit to kjellzijlmans from the SegaXtreme boards for kindly sending a copy of the initial dump privately to Segafreak_NL back in 2004, and then allowing Segafreak_NL to make the initial release in 2005.

Credit to rmonton from Lost Levels Forums for owning the physical prototype originally, who obtained it by working at a Spanish Multi-Platform game magazine called "Super Juegos" during the Saturn era, and later selling it in 2007 or so to Segafreak_NL.

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