Batman: Dark Tomorrow (Feb 26, 2003 prototype)

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Title Screen
Batman: Dark Tomorrow (Feb 26, 2003 prototype)
Build date Feb 26, 2003
Dump status Released
Dumped by Headcrab
Released by Headcrab
Origin Xbox Developers Kit HDD
Game Batman: Dark Tomorrow
System Xbox
Genre Action-adventure
Release date NA Mar 18, 2003
JP Mar 20, 2003
EU April 11, 2003
Download Batman: Dark Tomorrow (Feb 26, 2003 prototype) (info)
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A late debug build dumped by Headcrab on AssemblerGames in 2012.

Published by kemco, developed by HotGen Studios and licenced by DC

Built with XDK 1.00.5028.01


Pressing left or right on either the dpad or joystick will select your map and then new game will take you to that map. No matter what map you select even d-2 will play an intro cutscene (Data\Movie\movie02.wmv) then load the map, this cutscene will always work however the map may not. If you are on the title screan for longer than 20 seconds it will play the intro cutscene regardless of if there was user input in that time frame.

While in game dubble pressing the A button is the "use" key for opening doors and flipping switches.

Saving and loading seems to work fine but not a lot of testing was done with it.

Out of 114 maps available from the main menu 35 will load and do something plus a demo cutscene mode (Map d-2)

When you load a map, the intro cutscene will play, then you will get a loading screen, if the loading screen freezes this means the xbox has crashed and you will need to reboot.

The demo cutscene mode (Map d-2) will play all movie files from Data\Movies\ starting with movie04.wmv then will play 05 then 06 and so on then looping back around to movie01.wmv skipping movie00 as that's the developer logo movie. This loop will play forever, so if you want out you will have to reboot the xbox.

A large porshion of the build of this game is plagued by trying to write model data to 0x00000000 or game camera data to 0x00000010. If you could fix that somehow then a lot more of this build would run.

The build will give you a warning about not running the game off a DVD, however using the official authoring tool to make and iso and burning it to a disk does turn off the warning but the crashes still happen from and trying to wright to the same places. This is only a warning not an error, so loading the game off E:/ works fine and will just map it's self to D:/ anyways.

This build contains two xbes, default.xbe and default-dbg.xbe.

default.xbe is the "demo" or "test" build. Debugging functions and debug text are disabled in this build. This build would of been the version shown to people outside of the dev team.

default-dbg.xbe is the debug build. This build contains all the debugging functions for xbWatson and will show text over models like an enemy or a trash can so if it is broken you can track it down in the data folder.

For the most part these two builds will give the same errors and crashes in the same places.

If you die in-game you will get a continue screen. Quit back to main menu works fine.

However the continue seems to be sorta broken. The first few times I tried to use it it would just freeze the xbox. But every now and then it would start working and will give you a list of unfinished batgear to restart the map with. I am still not sure how or why it only works sometimes.

The only differences between these xbes is as follows


   Is region locked to 'Rest of the world (4)'
   The developer logos that show when the game first boots can not be skipped.
   Options menu from the main menu will sorta function. but the in-game one will not.


   Reports to xbWatson still work.
   Yellow text will appear over models like an enemy or a trash can so you can see where they are loaded from.
   This xbe is not region locked.
   Logos at game boot can be skipped.
   Options menu fails to load, no error just goes to black screen but the main menu.In-game the options screen will show but will freeze the game when you try and select anything.

Maps that are worth checking out [citation needed on map names as i'm not familiar with the final retail build of this game]

Map 4-1 to 4-5

Map 6-1 to 6-3

Map 9-0, 9-3 to 9-3 (Map 9-1 freezes on missing raider data and map 9-2 crashes the xbox)

Map 14-4 (Batglider demo)

Map a-0 to a-8 (probably one of the largest sections that work)\

Map d-2 (The demo cutscene mode, requires reboot of xbox to quit this mode)

Map f-5 to f-6

Map 1a-0 to 1a-1 (Ra's al ghul end boss with swords)

Maps that work but don't link to anything as they are utility rooms for switches but the rest of the map that room is part of is broken or the triggers to do something in the map are broken.

Map 0-0 (will crash when you beat up all the thugs)

Map 2-4 (Burning cafe or bar, can't get past the fire as it kills you)

Map d-1 (Prison bunker of some kind, half of it is collapsed. The door behind you when you spawn in will crash the xbox as it tries to take you to map d-0 but the other doors work)

Map e-2 (Small power utility room. The switch on the wall seems to work. The door crashes the xbox as it tries to take you to e-1 or e-3)

Map f-1 (Underground stone hallway of some kind, level transitions are broken and trying to move up the hallway will crash the game when the camera moves as the camera track data is broken for this map)

Map f-4 (Small air vent, level transitions are broken and there is nothing else to do here)

Map f-5 (Another utility room, this one has no switches but the door dose work)

Map f-6 (Spawns you into a cell with 2 guys to beat up, however they kill me before I can find out if the door works or not)

Map f-9 (Same as f-6? However the guys are a little easier to beat up and the door in this room crashes the xbox)

Map 12-1 (Frozen bunker for 'MrFreezeGun'? This map is unpopulated and using any of the doors will crash the xbox)

Map 14-0 (Spawns you ontop of a icey cliff from the end or start of the batglider demo, trigger is missing or broken to restart the batglider demo.)

Map 15-6 (Spawns you into a prison hallway, as soon as you move you will get ambushed by around 8 guards. Pass unless you can find a god mode cheat. Map transitions are broken as the rest of map 15 is broken and map 16-0 is missing)

Map 19-5 (Spawns you into a hallway with a BA guard. Early part of Map a1 i'm guessing. Map transition behind you is broken as the rest of map 19 is broken, the door at the end of the hallway takes you to map a1-0)


This build was thoroughly tested by MobCat on a xbox debug kit running XDK 1.00.5849.1